Booking and receiving shipments

There are several ways on how to do this:
1. Look up the status of your shipment by using the Tracking option.
2. If the shipment was booked online and you elected to receive shipment status updates, check your email for update alerts.
3. Contact our Customer Support by email of phone.
4. Contact our Local Agency and give them your shipping reference or tracking number.
Transit times depends on the origin and destination of your shipments. They are reliable but not 100% guaranteed and they do not include the day of pickup.
Our agency will call the receiver specified on your shipping details to notify them when the shipment is ready for pick-up. The sender will also receive an email alert if the shipment was booked online and they elected to receive shipment status updates. Since many of our agencies may have limited storage space, we advise the receiver to pick-up the shipment within 24 hours of the notice in order to avoid incurring storage charges.
From your Dashboard, click on My Estimates. Click on the estimate number you wish to book. In the detailed view, click on Book Now button.