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Ship by Ocean

Faster and more efficient than standard container car shipping.

Roll-on/off car shipping vessels are designed specifically for the transportation of wheeled cargo and are the preferred choice of shipping for many customers to transport their vehicles all over the world. In addition to vehicles that are capable of moving under their own power, these versatile vessels also have the capacity to carry non-motorized cargo such as boats or machinery on trailers, and non-roadworthy vehicles such as heavy agricultural equipments.

It is very important to know what you are shipping and to where, and even more so to have the proper documents required to arrange your RO/RO transportation. In the United States, you are required to tender the original title and bill of sale of the the vehicle for this purpose.

Getting Started

We will require a signed power of attorney from you, which authorizes us to make proper export declarations on your behalf.

RORO to West Africa is offered at the following USA ports including Houston/Galveston TX, Jacksonville FL, Savannah GA, Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE, Newark NJ, Providence RI, Boston MA. Cars are delivered to the port of departure, on to the ship and then offloaded when they arrive at the destination port.

You can choose to deliver your car to the escort services at the port yourself or you can arrange for us to collect and deliver to the port for you using our nationwide collection service. Larger vehicles such as tractors or plant equipment may require the use of specialized vehicles for transportation to the port. Please ask us for further information on transporting outsized or unusual vehicles and one of our experienced team will be happy to help.

Determine Your Vehicle Category

Vehicles with volume between 0 and 650 cubic inches

Vehicles with volume between 651 and 899 cubic inches