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Less-Than Container Load

Ship by Ocean

Best method for small volume shipments

LCL refers to cargoes owned by different shippers, grouped in a single container by the forwarding agent, allowing transportation of smaller volumes of cargo without paying for a full container; this is more cost effective for smaller shipments which cannot utilize a full container.

Ship Afrika is an independent freight consolidator of small and mid-range cargo from various freight-forwarders and retail clients. Our en-to-end consolidation service does not require subscription or commitment to any particular network in order to take advantage of the cost savings opportunity the service presents. We pride our services and its availability to all clients, affiliates and other businesses alike as we continue to provide this efficient and valuable service.

One Size Fits All Solution

We have dedicated teams to help you transport cargo around the world, no matter how much you need transporting or where it is being loaded/discharged. Our team can provide advice on the best container transportation method for your needs and help with every aspect of transportation including warehousing, cargo consolidation, road transport to port, loading/unloading, customs clearance and documentation.